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As a Major Industrial Contractor, Parallel provides products and services to resource-based extractors, manufacturers and recyclers. Whether wood and wood-by products or gold, copper, molybdenum, aggregate, oil, gas, water or steel, our expertise ensures that Client resources can be extracted and produced - and then marketed worldwide.


As a major industrial contractor, Parallel Divisions provides products and services to resource-based extractors, manufacturers and recyclers. Whether wood, gold, copper, molybdenum, aggregate, hemp, oil, gas, water or steel, our expertise ensures that client resources can be extracted and produced - and then marketed worldwide.

Parallel Millwrights are the backbone of Industrial Mechanical Solutions. As  industrial problem solvers, they are skilled in troubleshooting complex plant systems and improving machine and equipment effectiveness. 

There is nothing our Millwrights cannot solve when it comes to mechanical applications. This is why our clients entrust us to oversee their primary equipment and prevent potential catastrophic failure.


Parallel's growth and success originated with industrial rotary equipment and turnkey solutions of design, fabrication, transportation, installation and start-up.

We design and redesign industrial equipment to ensure manufacturing productivity results in less downtime and improved efficiency.


Our Metal Fabrication includes stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, titanium and aluminum.


With a specialized Machine Shop, Full Scale Portable Machining and expert Machinists, Parallel Divisions offers custom precision manufacturing in the shop and in the field.

To ensure the highest production capacity for our client equipment, project planning includes advanced pre-builds and machining to test and troubleshoot components prior to field assembly and installation.


Parallel Pipefitters manage mechanical piping for industrial mills, plants, underground builds, and commercial and marine systems.

In addition to fabrication, assembly, installation, repair and maintenance, our pipefitting solutions include flow and system balancing to ensure piping systems are meticulously aligned with connectivity and anchoring points,  platforms and equipment.


Offering mobile Line Boring eliminates the need for equipment transportation costs. We can line bore anytime, anywhere from 1 ½” to 10" holes.

Space constraints are handled with our customized boring bars and repair sleeves restore machine bores to their original centrelines. Our enclosed trailer safeguards equipment to ensure clean and collinear bores.

Available at our Chilliwack Division

Our Electrical experts specialize in building, upgrading and installing mission critical systems to support facility optimization and minimize downtime.

Our Programming & Controls specialists are responsible for system automation in our client industrial lumber mills. Their skill comprises the layout and design, configuration, implementation, integration and optimization of the systems and equipment we supply. 


Refurbishing and Rebuilding industrial equipment and machinery is a core Parallel specialty. Our extensive experience is applied across all industries we service. 

Whether you need service on a rock crusher, wash plant, conveyor, hopper or transfer deck, or if you need a 980 Cat fully split and repaired with bore re-welding, hydraulics and assembly – Parallel will restore your assets to peak performance capacity.


Need a 20,000 lb. Air Compressor installed between double man-doors? Or a custom Outfeed Rollcase built and installed in your production centre?  How about the removal of equipment across an industrial plant?

We are adept at executing controlled and accurate equipment installs and removals. Detailed planning and performance testing are critical inclusions of our service.


Heavy Duty Equipment enables us to support Clients' immediate field service needs. Parallel operators are skilled in earthworks, industrial and civil construction; machinery and equipment removal and installation; dismantling and relocation.

Equipment is Serviced by Parallel’s

- Truck mounted hydraulic flush unit NAS 1638 Class 6

- Certified Industrial Mechanics

- HD Equipment, Trucks & Trailers


Dust control is a critical safety priority. Parallel provides custom solutions to protect client personnel and property.

Belt Conveyors – Power brushes built and installed

Chain Conveyors – Mist System installation

½” Pipe Water Line – With flow control


Shaker Conveyors – Fire retardant cloth barriers


We design, fabricate and install Mechanical Power Guards to protect personnel and equipment from moving machinery.

Parallel's custom designs include Machinery Guards, Drive Guards, Belt Guards, Boundary and Barriers, Gate Guards and Access Point Guards.

Our Guarding solutions are custom built for any application and any type of industrial plant, mill and site.


Whether our experience comes from recycling military ships; working from a raw piece of land and building a fully outfitted and operational sawmill; refurbishing chemical mills; providing mines with the equipment and machines to extract earth’s minerals; or developing blower systems on all types of kit – we share a fundamental mandate – We Deliver Excellence.

Our industry tenure is vast. Attitude is bold. Determination – relentless.

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